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La Baleine, Are you salty ?
Request & context
  • Brief : The Salins group, one of the main salt producers in Europe, operates various commercial brands, the most iconic of which is undoubtedly Le Sel La Baleine. Historical brand, known and recognized, its strong positioning is based on the 100% marine and natural origin of its products. Respect for biodiversity and the preservation of the marine environment are indeed at the heart of the concerns of La Baleine saltworks. In this context, the brand wishes to launch a communication campaign with a younger target, intended to highlight the professions of the sea.
  • Goals : Produce dynamic, innovative and informative content, in order to associate La Baleine with a human, fun and natural brand that claims its marine origin.
  • Production : Production of 5 episodes, teaser, dedicated landing page, digital campaign
#EP1 Mathieu Chapel
Artisan fisherman at Grau du Roi
#EP2 Emmeline & Quentin
Oyster farmers at the Etang de Thau
#EP3 Rémi Camus
Adventurer Explorer
#EP4 Maud le Car
Pro surfer & artist
#EP4 Michael Beerens
Graffiti artist & diver
The sea passion 

The intention “Are you salty? implies a clipped, creative, humorous and offbeat approach.

The intention “You don’t have a grain? implies a clipped, creative, humorous and offbeat approach.

The slightly impertinent title both refers to the grain of salt, while highlighting the atypical profile of the interviewee. Indeed, working in connection with the sea always requires an extreme life, rhythmed differently from that of ordinary mortals.

The web-series sets out to meet these inspiring personalities inspired by the sea. 5 atypical profiles have been selected for this first season.

5 épisodes of 2 min
  • A general 20 sc teaser
  • 5 episodes 2 min long
  • 5 short episodes of 20 sc
  • Dedicated Instagram Stories
2 filming days / personalities

Casting, project management, screenwriting, filming,
production, editing, color grading, motion-design, sound-design.

National digital campaign
Media distribution
  • Objective: To carry out a digital distribution strategy from A to Z to highlight the ‘Are you salty?’ campaign.
  • Project :Campaign management (organic and sponsored), creation of a dedicated website, contest game management, content creation for social networks, Community management.
  • Production :Campaign design and monitoring, graphic universe deployment (stories, insta feed…), immersive site development, UX/UI, graphics, hosting management…